Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eye Shadow Palette

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Pretty Rich indeed, this decadent offering from Too Faced is the epitome of luxury for make up mavens. In a trinket box-shaped palette, this beguiling collection gives you all the tools to gild your lids in diamond-like hues (casual). There are 16 lavish pans to choose from, including four creamy mattes, four diamond-shaped pressed glitters and eight opulent shimmers, which can all be layered to replicate the multifaceted effect of real jewels. To keep fallout at bay, the glitter formulas has a self-adhesive gel texture to ensure your gleaming lids remain as magnificent at sunset as they were at sunrise. Shades range from the champagne-hued ‘Diamonds 4 Breakfast’, to the glitzy blue ‘Set the Jewel Tone’, via rosy gold ‘Highly Selective’ and deep brown ‘Coal Under Pressure’.

Apply shades separately or blend together to create endless eye looks. Use fingers to press glitter shades on to lid for maximum performance

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